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Apple Vietnam operations being expanded, as diversification from China continues

by Dul Many
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Apple CEO Tim Cook is in Vietnam, and said today that the company is “committed to continuing to strengthen connections” in the country as it seeks to reduce dependence on China.

In addition to investing more in the Vietnamese supply chain, Apple is also supporting a scheme intended to bring clean water to more than 42,000 children by the end of this month …

Apple made the announcement in a press release on its Vietnamese website.

Today, Apple announced that it will increase spending on suppliers in Vietnam, along with new progress in the initiative to support clean water for local schools. The company has spent nearly 400 trillion VND since 2019 through the local supply chain and has more than doubled the annual spending for Vietnam in the same period.

Apple started operating in Vietnam more than a decade ago and is currently supporting more than 200,000 jobs across the country through direct jobs, supply chains and a vibrant iOS app economy. 

The company also highlighted its support for clean water and clean energy initiatives.

As part of the company’s commitment to environmental protection, Apple has cooperated with the global clean water organization Gravity Water to install advanced rainwater storage systems at schools in Hoa Binh province, in the North of Vietnam. With Apple’s support, the organization is on track to reach its goal of reaching 131 schools by the end of this month, providing safe, stable water all year-round to more than 42,000 students as well as teachers and their families.

In addition to clean water, Apple also makes efforts to bring clean energy to schools in rural Vietnam through the company’s Power for Impact initiative. Deployed globally in 2019. With the belief that access to clean energy offers more opportunities, the Power for Impact initiative funds small-scale clean energy projects to help local communities and organizations access reliable, cost-effective energy. Apple is working with the TRE Foundation to install solar battery systems in 20 schools in rural Vietnam, and support children’s curriculum on sustainable development and STEM.

Additionally, a $50M Supplier Employee Development Fund provides employees in the company’s supply chain with vocational training. This year, Apple is focusing on training opportunities for people with disabilities.

Cook said that Apple is committed to strengthened its relationship with the country.

“There is no place like Vietnam, a vibrant and beautiful country. I am extremely excited to come here to connect with students, creators and customers, understand more about the diversity in the way they use our products to do extraordinary things,” said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. “At Apple, we always strive to build deep connections and bring more benefits to the people where we operate. From cooperating with local suppliers, to supporting clean water supply projects and educational opportunities, we are committed to continuing to strengthen connections in Vietnam.”

Foxconn makes iPads and AirPods in the country, with Mac production also reported to be in development. One of the company’s other AirPod suppliers was also reportedly urged to “urgently” move production out of China, with a plant in Vietnam planned.


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