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Cosmetic ‘Surgeon’ at Da Nang Salon Has Only High School Degree

by Iam Sann
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A person at a Da Nang beauty parlor has performed breast augmentation surgeries on customers despite only finishing high school and not having any degree or certification for such procedures.

When customers come to the ID Korea facility on Hung Vuong Street, Thanh Khe District, they see advertisements for breast augmentation services done by “the best cosmetic doctor in Da Nang.”

When police of Thanh Khe District came to the location on Tuesday for an inspection, the so-called “doctor” was performing a breast augmentation procedure for a customer. However, she later told the police that she only finished high school.

She could not produce any degree, certificate or license for medical procedures as required by law. In order to gain customers’ trust, the parlor would take their blood samples before the procedures for “testing,” but police later discovered that all the blood samples were thrown into the bin without any tests performed.

At the point of the police check, the facility’s owner could not show contracts regarding the collection of hazardous waste, and the facility did not have specialized bins to store medical and hazardous waste.

ID Korea has a business license issued by the Thanh Khe District People’s Committee on May 22, that allows it to provide microblading for cosmetic purposes. The facility is owned by a 28-year-old man from the central Thanh Hoa Province.

Police said the facility operates like a beauty and spa parlor, providing services like breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, but it does not have documents issued by the Da Nang Department of Health that indicate it meets enough requirements to provide such services.

Previously on Aug. 12, police of Thanh Khe District also inspected the Kangzin beauty parlor, also on Hung Vuong Street, and found a janitor performing facial procedures on a customer. The facility was later fined VND320 million ($13,022).

Under regulations by the Ministry of Health, breast augmentation procedures need to be done under anesthetics in a hospital, an independent surgery center, or an approved beauty parlor with a separate wing for surgery. Those who provide the procedures need to have relevant degrees and licenses to do so.

Source: VN Express

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