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Foreign Tourists Impressed by Sleeping Bus in Vietnam

by Malo Phomsouvanh
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Vietnam is one of the most rewarding countries to explore throughout all of Southeast Asia. Somewhat similar to Chile and Norway in shape, the country is long and skinny and is notable for having the sea on one side and the mountains on the other. The distances are often large, meaning sleeping buses in Vietnam are common, the website wrote.

Taking the sleeping bus is therefore a good suggestion for long-distance travel with stops, traffic, and many extremely windy roads in the mountains, including the stunning mountain town of Sa Pa.

Sleeping buses are buses featuring fully reclining seats that do not have the option of sitting upright and buses with proper beds. Most sleeper buses in the nation do not have toilets, so guests should plan for that before their journey, according to the magazine.

Service on these sleeping buses in both Vietnam and Southeast Asia varies significantly. Travelers who book an organised tour can expect the bus to be somewhat pleasant, with enough rest stops to be comfortable at reasonable places that have restrooms and sell refreshments. These buses focus more on foreign guests and are safe for women.

The Travel suggests that guests should not drink too much before getting on the sleeper bus and should take plenty of snacks as there is normally only water available on the bus.

Another thing to consider is taking warm clothes on the bus, regardless of how tropical the weather is, as the air conditioning can make it very cold.

Source : Vietnam Net

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