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French, Are We Ready?

by Long Nisay
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Paris, Brussels, Kiev (11 June – 75)

This meeting followed Macron’s announcement that France would be supplying Mirage combat aircraft to Ukraine, bolstering the country’s defense against Russia’s aggression.

Zelenskyy’s visit to France coincided with his quest for additional Western support, particularly as Ukrainian forces battled fiercely to repel a Russian offensive near the eastern city of Kharkiv.

The conflict, escalating rapidly, has become the largest in Europe since World War II, underscoring the urgent need for international solidarity and assistance.

Amidst these grave circumstances, the diplomatic exchange between France and Ukraine exemplifies the crucial alliance and shared commitment to safeguarding peace and sovereignty in the face of adversity.

Macron disclosed to the French public broadcaster a new collaboration with Ukraine, involving the sale of French-made combat aircraft, the Mirage 2005, aimed at enhancing Ukraine’s defense capabilities against Russian aggression.

Additionally, France pledged to commence training Ukrainian pilots, emphasizing Ukraine’s right to utilize weapons provided by Western allies to target Russian military positions and neutralize threats to its sovereignty.

The French are ready to deploy trainers and troops to the Ukraine. Moscow fiercely condemns this step however troops are made ready. 

Sophia Khatsenkova, reporting from Paris, emphasized the crucial role of French assistance, particularly in the context of potential deployment of French instructors to train Ukrainian soldiers, a request acknowledged by President Macron.

Macron articulated his aspiration for Ukraine’s accession talks with the European Union to commence by the end of the month, underscoring France’s endorsement of Ukraine’s integration into the EU.

The issue of dispatching foreign instructors to Ukraine is poised to be a central point of discussion at an upcoming summit in Switzerland, where representatives from over 100 countries, excluding Russia, will convene to facilitate peace negotiations and stability in the region.

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