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Opportunities seen abound for Vietnam products

by Meang Chanvatey
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There are many opportunities for Vietnamese goods, especially agricultural products, to enter foreign distribution channels, says Ta Hoang Linh, director of the Europe – America Market Department, Industry and Trade Ministry.

The awareness of the business community, ministries, branches and localities about the role of foreign distribution channels has deepened, said Linh.

Foreign distribution channels have been increasingly appreciated and considered an effective export and promotion channel for products and brands, he said.

With more than 60 deals in countries around the world, the Industry and Trade Ministry will continue to support ministries, branches and localities in advising and providing strategic guidance on market access, as well as informing and connecting Vietnamese businesses with foreign purchasing and distribution systems.

However, in order to export more, Linh said that localities needed to promote their role, focusing more on supporting products with strengths, and selecting some really potential markets and a few leading enterprises to act as a driving force for the industry to penetrate deeper into the foreign distribution system.Exporting goods through overseas distribution systems was strongly deployed last year.

Through large distribution channels, Vietnamese goods, especially agricultural products, have been on the shelves of large supermarkets in France, Australia, Japan, and Thailand.The goods on display are all famous agricultural products of Vietnam such as lychee, dragon fruit, banana, and fish sauce and strictly comply with regulations on quality.

Shiotani, general director of AEON Vietnam told An Ninh Thu Do newspaper that in the past, AEON mainly imported fresh bananas from the Philippines, which made up 70% of its import volume, for the distribution system of the group.

Source : The Star

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