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Police: MUI Attacker Not Involved in Terrorist Network But Not a Lone Wolf

by Cai Xia
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Metro Jaya Police confirmed that the man who opened fire at the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) headquarters on Tuesday, May 2, was not part of a terrorist network. This is based on the investigation conducted by the police’s anti-terrorism squad Densus 88.

“Regarding the alleged perpetrator, he is not a lone wolf,” said the Head of Metro Jaya Police’s Public Relations Unit Sr. Comr. Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko on Thursday, May 4.

To date, the police have grilled 19 witnesses including 8 from the MUI. “Four of them are the family [of the attacker]. Then, seven other witnesses are related to the previous case in Lampung,” he explained.

Investigators from the Metro Jaya Police’s Directorate of General Criminal Investigation (Ditreskrimum) were still studying the statements of the witnesses as of Thursday, May 4.

Trunoyudo said a number of investigators from the Ditreskrimum and Central Jakarta Police were still in Lampung to carry out examinations.

“We convey that this investigation is still ongoing. Some of our investigators are still in the field, and of course, we will publish the results in a comprehensive manner,” he added.

The shooting incident at the headquarters of MUI occurred during a post-Eid gathering event or locally known as halal bi halal at 11 a.m., Tuesday, May 2. The perpetrator, Mustofa NR, died after the arrest. The 60-year-old man, who was found out to be a Lampung resident, was then taken to the Kramat Jati Police Hospital for an autopsy.

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