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Thailand Eases Procedures for Migrant Workers

by Moana Syrypanha
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Thai authorities have relaxed procedures to create favourable conditions for migrant workers and address labour shortages in the post-COVID-19 recovery process.

Thailand and Cambodia have reached an agreement to create more favourable conditions for more than 40,000 Cambodian migrant workers who are reapplying for or renewing their work permits.

Pairoj Chotikasathien, Director-General of the Department of Employment under the Thai Ministry of Labour, said the agreement was obtained at a meeting between Thai labour authorities and their Cambodian counterparts, in the hope of easing a labour shortages. 

Under the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the two nations, Cambodian workers are allowed to work legally in Thailand for four years.

Many migrant workers returned to their home country during the pandemic. As work permits held by these workers are expiring for the period of January of last year to July 31, 2023, they will have to renew their permits and other related documents to either return to work in Thailand or continue living and working in this country.

Pairof said that these Cambodian workers will be exempt from the usual requirement to wait 30 days from the day their work permit expires until they are allowed to reapply. 

The entire reapplication process will be conducted online to improve convenience for workers, he added.

A similar agreement was also reached at a meeting between the Thai labour authorities and their Myanmar counterparts. Myanmar migrant workers will be also exempt from the 30-day break rule and will be able to reapply immediately for a work permit when their current one is about to expire. 

Both Cambodia and Myanmar authorities have requested a discount on the visa fee.

Source: Vietnam Plus

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