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Ukraine: The Russian army failed the offensive in Kharkiv region

by Moana Syrypanha
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Russian troops did not achieve the goal of creating a “buffer zone” in the north of the Kharkiv region, as stated by dictator Vladimir Putin. Russian negotiator like to freeze the war with the border lines becoming the new border.

British intelligence notes that in the Kharkiv region, the occupation army of the Russian Federation continues to advance on Vovchansk. Still, the city remains under the control of Ukrainian forces, which repel most Russian attacks.

Also, Russian troops continue to carry out attacks in the direction of the village of Lyptsi. Still, according to the Ukrainian General Staff, they have not made significant progress as of the evening of May 22, 2024.

Intelligence recalls that on May 17, Putin announced that Russian troops should create a security “buffer zone” in the Kharkiv region. But the UK Intelligence added that so far, they have not succeeded.

The front in the north of the Kharkiv region has probably stabilized, and Russian territorial control is fragmented and not unified. Russia’s gains in this direction will be limited over the next week, as the initial momentum of Russian forces was held back by Ukrainian resistance, the review said.

Since May 10, the Russians have been trying to break through north of the Kharkiv region. They managed to capture several settlements. Street fighting continues in the city of Vovchansk.

As reported by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the losses in this direction are 8 to 1 (8 Russians to 1 Ukrainian military).

The General Staff announced that the Armed Forces managed to repulse the occupiers’ threat of a breakthrough in the Kharkiv region. However, the fighting continues there.

Source: News Online UA

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