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Vietnam High Schoolers May Be Exempt From English Graduation Exam

by Malo Phomsouvanh
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The education ministry is considering making only math and literature mandatory on the next high school graduation exams, allowing students to choose two other subjects, meaning English wouldn’t be compulsory.

The national exam, which is usually held in late June, currently includes six subjects: math, literature, a foreign language (which is usually English), and either a combination of three natural science subjects or a combination of three social science subjects.

But the ministry submitted the new aforementioned proposal to Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha for approval on Nov. 6, after collecting opinions from teachers and education officials on three different plan options.

Plan 1 would include the compulsory subjects of math and literature, while another two subjects could be chosen by students from among the following options: foreign language, history, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, law and economics education, IT and technology.

Plan 2 would have math, literature and foreign language as its mandatory subjects, allowing students to choose two more subjects from the list.

Plan 3 would make math, literature, foreign language and history all compulsory, while two more subjects would be up to students’ choice.

The ministry said it surveyed nearly 130,700 teachers and education officials across the country about plans 2 and 3, and nearly 74% chose plan 2.

In a later survey about all three plans that included 18,000 teachers and education officials in Ho Chi Minh City, Long An, Tay Ninh, Lang Son and Bac Giang Provinces, 60% chose plan 1.

The ministry said it wants to reduce pressure on students and costs on families as the new plans could mean one fewer exam session that needs to be prepared for. As the graduation exam is only held at certain schools in large cities, students in rural areas often have to rent rooms in order to take the exam.

Letting students choose two subjects for themselves will help them focus on their strengths and interests, according to the ministry.

The government is expected to announce the final plan by the end of the year.

Source: VN Express

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